“Sara is one of the most interesting thinkers on the relationship of bodies and material space and how movement can open windows into more rational ways of understanding.”

Roderick Shrock, Director of Eyebeam

Photo by Camilla Greenwell

The idea of creating positive lasting legacies inspires me.

I’m a dance artist and choreographer; a researcher, writer and educator; and an advisor, coach and mentor working with people in cultural organizations, academia, nonprofits, businesses and boards.

I specialize in human movement and how physical spaces or the built environment influences a sense of belonging and connection. This could be called ‘user experience’ but is expressed as socio-spatial relationships in my work with people in cultural organizations, academia, nonprofits, businesses, boards and in society more broadly.

Through creating space and time with individuals and teams to creatively explore their potential and take actions towards lasting positive legacies that are sustainable and generative we all benefit.

I am the only creative movement practitioner who works with people in cultural institutions, academia, nonprofits, the public sector and business in the East of England – and anywhere beyond to offer imaginative ways to explore and experience spatial visualization and socio-spatial relationships that reveal the potential of individuals and organizations leading to positive and lasting legacies for them, their work and society as a whole.