The idea of creating positive lasting legacies inspires me.

I specialize in human movement, spatial visualization and socio-spatial relationships in my work with people in cultural organizations, academia, nonprofits, businesses, boards and in society more broadly.

My work is informed and influenced by my experience, skills, and beliefs from my former professional career as a dance artist and choreographer.

It is also enriched by the unique opportunity I have as being one of only seven dancers globally who is certified to teach and perform the seminal and extraordinarily progressive repertoire of Yvonne Rainer, an American dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker.

I believe there is an opportunity to demystify dance and explore how the skills, knowledge, expertise and intelligence learned through creative training such as dance can be applied in a range of other contexts.

This is why I don’t fit into a neat category. I am a creative artist and performer; a researcher, writer and educator; and a coach, mentor and advisor. The enriching intersections between these roles result in the unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional methodology and thinking that I use within my business, Wookey Works.

Whether it’s a research project, a talk or lecture, a workshop, an artistic commission, a mentoring session or a performance – it will be immersive, inclusive and imaginative. It will bring together people in space and time in a practice that is designed to be enlightening, transformative and safe.

The outcomes and impact can be instrumental for stimulating creativity & innovation, for solving problems & generating new ideas, for creating engagement & commitment, or for embracing & managing change.

I sum this up as rePotentialrevitalising & rewilding