Coaching offers you a chance to explore what you want to achieve. As your coach I support your journey and hold space for you to experience insights and make discoveries. I am trained to listen and ask questions in order to help you realise your potential – or, simply, open new thinking that can support what you want to achieve and to explore potential outcomes. Often times what we truly want in life only reveals itself when given the time and space to emerge, grow and to blossom. I call this rewilding potential. The concept of rewilding allows space, time and encouragement for our potential to emerge.

Rewilding Potential

The idea of rewilding natural spaces can also apply to people. When we create space and time for growth we can begin to listen deeply and allow our natural energies, wishes and needs to come to the surface.

By cultivating such a space we may be better able to reinvigorate and revitalise our innate potential – often found through a tuning into the self, hearing ourselves speak and sharing what we want to achieve with a trusted witness. This process can also be enhanced through embodied exploration through walking, movement and creativity.

If you would like to take the first step towards rewilding potential coaching, I offer a 30-minutes free chat to share more about how I coach and for you to share what you want to achieve with coaching.

About Sara

photo by Camilla Greenwell

I am the Founder of Rewilding Potential, specialist in somatic movement practices, verbal and non-verbal communication and am a Certified Relational Dynamics coach. I started Rewilding Potential from my love of supporting others to achieve their goals, working creatively and with different forms of communication and from being in the natural world.

As a part of nature we can learn how to embrace what is possible. To recognise and honour what is innately alive and dynamic ourselves but may need the space and time to germinate, grow and develop. Outdoor landscapes can display how change is part of life and that it can be a positive aspect in human life as well.

My coaching practice is underpinned by my specialist work as a former dancer and choreographer. I have also worked as an educator, researcher, consultant and advisor for the cultural and public sector, government and academia. I earned a Doctor of Philosophy in the Humanities (2020) from the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University where I studied human movement, expression, behaviour and the ways we communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to create change in ourselves and in our environment.

Having lived in five world cities, now currently based in Cambridgeshire in the East of England, I work globally with a range of clients including creatives, female leaders, start ups, entrepreneurs and those looking to develop their potential in their personal and professional lives.

How coaching works

Coaching can be experienced online (with video on or off). It can also take place in-person (seated indoors or while walking together outside). The sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and can vary along the course of sessions.

We meet in person (walking coaching) or online (virtual coaching) for one hour at an agreed time and location (if in person).

My coaching is client-led and bespoke to each individual. Everything shared will be held in confidence and I follow GDPR requirements.

Getting Started

Begin with a complimentary 30-minute ‘chemistry call‘ to align our objectives. I recommend a series of 6 sessions to effectively work towards your goals, with regular progress reviews.

Before having our first session together I will have also sent through a contract that details our agreement along with the code of ethics and good practice as defined by the Association for Coaching.

Your role

Come with an open mind and a focus on what you wish to achieve.

My role

To listen attentively and pose thought-provoking questions, aiding your journey towards insightful actions and new ways of thinking.


Can include a series of doable actions that bring you closer to your intended achievement or they might be new ways of thinking that will enable you to emerge next steps when you are ready.


£60/€70/$75 One hour single session

£360/€420/$450 Series of 6 one hour sessions (total 6 hours) on-line

£100 One hour single session

£600 Series of 6 one hour sessions (UK only)


Equity, Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Trust


“Working with Sara was incredibly helpful and enjoyable. She enabled me to connect more deeply with my intuition and I experienced many ah-ha moments. I was feeling confused and uncertain when we started working together but I came away with clarity and a sense of feeling inspired and excited about my next chapter”

Dr Lauren MacDonald, Psychedelic Trial Doctor & Therapy Guide; Retreat Facilitator; Co-Founder: Essence Medicine

When I first connected with Sara through our coaching program, I felt deeply lost and unsure about my creative writing practice. During our five sessions, through gentle and attentive listening, she helped me address and ultimately push past a lot of my mental blocks and gave me the support and clarity I needed to start prioritizing my practice and myself. Sara is a coach who is a dedicated listener and adept at helping you unearth the power within.”

Nailah King, Storytelling Strategist, Copywriter and Founder of
The Content Witches

About Relational Dynamics

Relational Dynamics draws on theories and tools from a wide range of sources including coaching, emotional intelligence, psychology, neurology and contemporary research into leadership. Put simply, it is the art of interaction with self and others.

We believe a grasp of a coaching philosophy and skill set & relational dynamics – both in life and work – raises our potential to listen more keenly to one another and to increase the possibilities of working collectively to solve problems, at a micro and macro level.