TATE Residency

I very pleased to share that I just finished the second week of a 3-month residency at TATE Modern. As a TATE Learning Research Associate I will be working on my practice and research of dance in the museum from the perspective of the dance artist. As part of my time at TATE I am inviting individuals and small groups to meet with me to engage in dialogue, debate and inquiry. Yesterday I enjoyed an entire day with 9 enthused dance artists from Roehampton University Dance Department, joined by Martin Hargreaves and Erica Stanton.

We engaged the ideas of (dis)orientation and (re)positioning through a consideration of William Whyte’s The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces and tried out mini-experiments within the spaces of the Switch House and Turbine Hall.  While inhabiting spaces of the museum inviting we discussed the skills of the dance artist within socio-spatial relations and in prompting modes of being together in public space.

More to follow in this blog about my residency…



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