Reflective time…evolving projects… and new spaces of inquiry

Some time has passed since my last blog entry. Some of this is due in part to the holidays/end of year activities and part of it has to do with some needed reflection time on my practice during this time of  shifts in governance (both in my country of origin: the USA and current home country of choice: the UK). As part of this time I have been outreaching to close colleagues in the fields of arts and humanities across cultural institutions, government agencies and academic institutions. I have also been reading a lot. Currently I am drawn in by the book Slow Reader: A resourse for design thinking and practice edited by  Ana Paula Pais & Carolyn F. Strauss, published by Valiz Press. I am moved by its thinking on not knowing, new forms of collective practice and in slowness that cherishes creation over production. It has been inspiring for my evolving pilot residency project that will take place in Athens, Greece in late August and where I will bring together an intimate group of invited guests from the USA and EU to explore modes of togetherness through moving, eating and dialoguing together about issues within our field and from varying perspectives. More to come on that.


In the meantime, I am delighted to be spending two days a week at TATE Modern as a TATE Learning Research Associate through April 2017. I am looking at practices of dance in the museum through the lens of participation and engagement. Three of my own works, alongside, three at TATE will be addressed and considered during this time. I will also be offering a movement practice at TATE for staff as a way to invite people into the practice of dance and values around the body and movement.


More to come on both of these new projects and may your February be peaceful and reflective…




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