Evaluator (further exp)

Impact of initiatives and projects on organisations, businesses and individuals

who, what, why

why it contributes to …potential and examples of impact created

mentor (MD), change maker (MA)

My expertise

  • Leveling hierarchies. Including young people not as subjects but as key collaborators, centring their experience and developing methodologies that are inclusive and equitable (i.e. movement practice and approach of Exp and Value)
  • social-spatial relations and politics of cultural spaces.
  • As choreographer I specialise in embodied practices, ways of knowing through the body and bodily intelligence as a source for understanding our world (‘non-verbals’)
  • Working across a range of stakeholder (curtor, educators, participatns/young people)
  • Partnership building and maintenance- arts sector & HE


  • 8 years ACE project funding (including large Capitol project at Lakeland Arts) and the complexities and nuances of evaluating ACE/Nat Lottery funded projects – how performing arts can contribute to community building and across architecture and boat building
  • Civic Theatres (Royal Holl Univ) working alongside sociologist to understand the impact of young people’s programmes on the culture of the organisation (Nat Theatre and YV) – speciality in choreography of spaces (i.e. access, inclusion and social connection through movement, flows, politics of space, etc) fascinating to learn about the spaces and their impact on how the young people felt about their paid position and in relation to the culture of the org (Louise’s work infl-social progression and social impact – dress, manner, gesture (i.e. social choreography). Produced report and recommendations, working on an article
  • H2Dance/Fest n Fest – evaluating impact of young people’s creative/curatorial project on their mental health. Multi-layered project over a year including theatres in SE England with different communities of people and values of orgs (Cambridge Junction, Metal and Firstsite. Produced an evaluation framework around the outreach that helps H2Dance understand a few different areas – including mental health & well being and whether the project has any positive impact.
  • Museum Development mentor on EDI action plans of UK museums and evaluating the impact of those actions and providing recommendations
  • PhD thesis (5 years) overlapping practical theoretical impact of the research, case studies and impact of dance in the museum across 3 sites/3 projects
  • Experience & Value of Live Art, Tate evaluating impact of What do young people get from Live Art in the museum? Did this through creative practice. My expertise is in practice-based research and methodologies that include creative outputs as source for data and information. This approach is informed by my work with Emily Pringle, Head of Research at Tate. *Film work on display in Tate Britain

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