Autumn Season & Freelancing

As the Autumn days roll in quickly I am in the process of doing annual check-ins and outreach for the 2017 season. I also spent two hours making corrections on Wikipedia, a wonder of a source and I wonder who puts these things up there?

In any case, I look forward to traveling in 2017 to teach some of Yvonne Rainer’s repertoire, continuing to develop my project reDANCE and research into dance in the museum. But first..some administration…

It is nearly tax season here in the UK. As a freelancer I am glad there is Freelancers Union. Lots of helpful tips on all things related to a freelance career. More geared towards North America but, still, very insightful and practical information. I am also a member of the Impact Hub King’s Cross where I share space with other London-based self-employed freelancers, start-ups, social enterprises (non-profits). There are four hubs in London and I start to wonder what a hub for creative professionals might look like?

Soon to meet Louise O’Kelley who heads up the fun and fabulous Block Universe performance art festival here in London. I am curious what it is like to start up a new festival and to move it and shake it like she does.

Stay tuned for more information here and have a lovely time into Autumn!



photo of BA2 students performing “Diagonal” (as part of “Terrain”) by Yvonne Rainer and taught by Sara Wookey as part of Historical Projects at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, London 2016.

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