My work is about revitalising, regenerating and rewilding potential for creating lasting positive legacies for individuals and teams.

My work and practice centres around the idea of experiences – how and what people are feeling, their potential for discovery and enlightenment by exploring new and different perspectives in creative and safe ways. This is as true of my advising and mentoring as it is of my performing and educational work and my areas of research and advocacy.

I seek to inspire people to look beyond the obvious to discover new horizons and perspectives and in some cases to challenge the status quo. I enable people to do this through gaining knowledge, having the confidence to experiment and then act or do differently. I care about and have a genuine interest in, and compassion, for people and their inherent abilities which may be undiscovered or latent.

This thinking leads me to an overarching idea and purpose of revitalising and rewilding potential in people.

This is both a promise and call to action for me and those I engage with, encourage and support.


I am inspired by the idea of creating positive lasting legacies – for artists, people in cultural organizations, in academia, in nonprofits, in business and in society.

As a former professional dance artist and choreographer, I believe that using body, space and movement in imaginative ways enables the exploration and discovery of different perspectives that can reveal potential in people and organizations.

These transformative experiences can be uplifting.  They have the potential to boost performance, accelerate outcomes and encourage equity, generosity and justice in a world that needs reminding of the importance of humanity, togetherness and connection.

What I do

My current work is in human movement and how physical spaces or the built environment influences a sense of belonging and connection. This could be called ‘user experience’ but is expressed as socio-spatial relationships and defined, informed and inspired by my experience, skills, and beliefs and training in dance and choreography. It is also enriched by the unique opportunity I have in being one of only a select few dancers in the world who is certified to teach Trio A (1966) by the seminal and extraordinarily progressive American dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer.

I believe there is an opportunity to demystify dance and artistic practice and explore how the skills, knowledge, expertise and intelligence learned through creative training such as dance can be applied in a range of other contexts.

How I work

My world of movement, creativity, and relationship with time and space inspires the way I work. I care deeply about the people that I work with, the work that I do and the service I provide. I believe in the potential of connections and collaboration.

Connections – between body, movement, people, ideas, big picture, new perspectives, nature, landscapes, environment and society.

Collaboration – that is inspired by others and the potential of ‘we’ to create experiential, enabling and empowering experiences.

I have always valued connections and collaborations in my work as a performance artist and I bring this into all the work I do. I have a strong sense of what is fair and just and don’t shy away from asking tough questions and advocating for better – yet I am sensitive to the issues and people concerned.