More on Positioning/Focus

This is why I don’t fit into a neat category. I am a creative artist & performer; a researcher, writer & educator; and a coach, mentor & advisor. The enriching intersections between these roles result in the unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional methodology and thinking that I offer within my business, Wookey Works.

My work is with cultural institutions, academia, public sector authorities as well as businesses, nonprofit boards and individuals.  Whether it’s a research project, a talk or lecture, a workshop or an artistic commission, a coaching session or a performance – it will be uniquely designed to be immersive, inclusive and imaginative. It will bring together people in space and time in a practice that is enlightening, transformative and safe.

What links them all together is the opportunity to reveal potential. The outcomes and impact can be instrumental for stimulating creativity & innovation, for solving problems & generating new ideas, for creating engagement & commitment, and for embracing & managing change.

I now live in East England but my work knows no geographical boundaries. I was born and raised in the United States and have lived and worked in multiple countries and continents. I thrive on what these experiences have offered me.