Public Talks

I offer in-person and online public talks on for diverse audiences on the potentiality of dance as a form of human connection, choreographic methods as a tool for institutional change and creating lasting positive legacies for individuals and organisations.

Rewilding potential for creative positive lasting legacies in practice with Dr Gemma Harman (2023)

ResDance Podcast – A podcast dedicated to research methodologies and methods in dance practice, intended for educators, students, practitioners and performers and interdisciplinary researchers curious to learn more about dance research in action.

What does it mean to have a body?

Informer podcast – conversations with artists, technologists, and thinkers with Roderick Shrock (2023)

In this episode: what does it mean to have a body that moves in three dimensional space in our current time? How do cultural institutions better relate to the public in a way that takes into consideration the massive changes in technology over the last three years? Can relating to the other than human beings help us learn how to be better partners to the planet? These are the types of questions Cambridgeshire-based dancer/choreographer, researcher and consultant Sara Wookey dives into. She is one of the most interesting thinkers on the relationship of bodies and material space and how post-modern dance can open windows into more rational ways of understanding our bodies in space and, as she always points out, time. I spoke to Sara last fall so some time has passed and you’ll notice our references to the season feel anomalous, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere. But I’m glad that’s the case because everything is shifting so quickly at the moment, it is sometimes helpful to get a snapshot of where things were at even just 5 months ago in order to gain some footing as to where we are now.

Artist Talk (2020) for Art Science Museum Singapore

Artist talk for Art Science Museum Singapore (2020)

How come our bodies can navigate the many invisible rules of the public space sometimes without us even noticing? Through subtle conditioning we have learned exactly how to move in certain institutions or situations, and dance artist and researcher Sara Wookey has spent years exploring these patterns of movement as a site-specific and relational practice.

Interview for Architects Podcast – stories about women succeeding and leading in arts and architecture

This podcast on XX-LA by Los Angeles-based architect Audrey Sato interviews Rennie and I about our interdisciplinary and collaborative ways of working. It explores how we bridge architecture and dance for our project Punt.Point commissioned by the Van Abbe Museum in 2013 and acquired for their permanent collection in 2018. Rennie and I are practitioners who come from architecture and dance backgrounds respectively, with training and interest in each others’ disciplines. We met in Los Angeles and started collaborating locally, on projects at venues like the Hammer Museum and Grand Park.

Dance is Hard to See

Yvonne Rainer’s ‘Trio A’ a performance-lecture

PICA performance Space. Perth, Australia

‘Dance is hard to see’, wrote Yvonne Rainer when making her seminal Trio A. This performance-lecture by Sara Wookey examines Rainer’s statement and Trio A itself to raise questions of the transmission of dance from one body to another. Exploring a methodology behind dance making and the engagement of process as material, Wookey performed iterations of Trio A (1966) and discussed her personal experiences of working with the esteemed Rainer. Project initiated by Hannah Mathews with thanks to Performa.

Movers & Shapers Podcast

Erin Carlisle Norton hosts this podcast series highlighting personal stories, experiences, and ideas from those who shape the dance field. I was interviewed by here in 2017 and speak about my interest in dance as a form of togetherness in a divided world.