Movement & City

Cities are places of relations and my work seeks to draw out the particular qualities of the city that invite an interaction, a way of being together and to explore how an awareness of our human movement and positioning contributes to the ongoing formation of urban places.

Collaborating with civil engineer Ellie Cosgrave on Movement Forum Lab London hosted by Theatrum Mundi

Moving through the City – Theatrum Mundi, London

Co-led movement based walking tour of London with civil engineer Ellie Cosgrave. Movement Forum is a mobile laboratory that is addressing urgent questions in the design of urban (im)mobilities. It brings together spatial and choreographic practitioners to explore and develop methodologies in response to injustice and unsustainability in urban movement.

Movement Forum responds to the increasing need for more socially and environmentally sustainable ways to think about city-making based on care in interactions of materials and flows, human and non-human bodies. Particularly, it owes an intellectual debt to the concept of mobility justice developed by Mimi Sheller, which links scales to ask not just who has the right to movement, but who has the right to be still, and what is the negative impact of global hypermobility on everyday urban dwelling. Experiments mobilising choreographic thinking within spatial design are offering new ways to understand these inequalities, and our aim is to showcase and refine these as a new field of practice able to respond to the challenges.

Metro Art Moves – Metropolitan Transportation Agency Creative Services Department, Los Angeles

Metro Art Moves You participants observing public art along the city’s light rail system

Metro Art Moves is a project I designed for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency’s Creative Services Department. It is a free, award-winning series of scheduled and special tours of artwork in the Metro Rail system. Tours are co-led by trained Metro Art Docent Council volunteers and creatives that provide insights into the artworks, artists and art-making processes. Special tours heighten the passenger experience in novel and engaging ways through the perspective, experience and knowledge of artists and cultural experts. 

Nature Wanders: Parks to Pavement – Wellcome Collection, London

Nature Wanders: Parks to Pavements

I developed an interactive project for the Wellcome Collection that navigated the city spaces of London from the museum to Regent’s Park. I collaborated with a park ranger to develop an educational programme where people could learn about the role the park plays in the neighborhood. This project explored ways we navigate our city spaces and green places through sensory awareness and themes of mobility.