Organisations, Institutions & Businesses

“I feel your mentorship has been a positive start to our work and has put equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) front and centre of our business practice. It has been good to have you on board it’s great to have someone that has a different perspective and approach to this subject area and how to engage both the workforce and communities.”  

Jean Milton, Director of Heritage at Port Sunlight Village Trust

When working with individuals, organisations or institutions I employ unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional methodologies and thinking (from lived experiences to quantifiable information). I work in a way that is uniquely designed to be immersive, inclusive and imaginative. Mentoring for me is a practice that is enlightening, transformative and safe.


  • Community Engagement interests and programming
  • Evaluation Frameworks
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) actioning
  • Funding creative projects
  • Curating performance projects
  • Institutional change policy
  • Board development
  • Team building
  • Social-Spatial dynamics
  • Experiential Learning activities

What motivates my mentoring is the opportunity to reveal potential. The outcomes and impact can be instrumental for stimulating creativity & innovation, for solving problems & generating new ideas, for creating engagement & commitment, and for embracing & managing change.

I am based in East England but my work knows no geographical boundaries. I was born and raised in the United States and have lived and worked in multiple countries and continents. I thrive on what these experiences have offered me. I am open to meeting in person or via video conferencing. I offer a 30 minute free consultation to see if there is a synergistic fit with what I offer and how I might be of service to your needs.

“From our first conversations Sara was open, engaging and curious to know how she might use her creative practice and knowledge to create something which would speak to a new audience in a rural community.

Whilst always grounded in practical considerations such as the risks and demands of working in difficult environments, human welfare and the challenges of creating performance in a rural area, Sara is always thinking creatively. Her creative decisions are thoughtful and provocative, choices which impact on the experience and results, making it distinctively Sara’s work.”

Meredith Greiling, Principle Curator of Technology
National Museums Scotland