By: Sara Wookey On: May 04, 2023 In: Labor & Value, Yvonne Rainer Comments: 0

The fourth in a series of blog posts featuring projects that I love and what makes them so important to me, focuses on my work with choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer. As a dancer, assistant to and a living archivist for Yvonne I have traveled extensively performing, teaching and...

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By: Sara Wookey On: September 30, 2016 In: Dance in Museums, Labor & Value Comments: 11

I attended the Skillshare on Freelancer Pensions and Career Longevity put on by Equity Freelance Dance Network  yesterday in London. There was a begging-for-more-time conversation on confidence in negotiating and steps to support each other in that.  For example, there is an audition at TATE Modern tomorrow calling for dancers that...

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