Artists & Creative Teams

“I was curious about my practice and wanted to get an insight into it. Sara’s depth of knowledge and support helped me reflect and go deeper into those questions. It was a very special encounter as we came from very different perspectives and that difference helped me look at some conflicts and contrasts that I was trying to understand. Reflections after each session are still with me.”

Akshay Sharma, independent dance artist. London, England

When working with individual artists or artists teams I employ unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional methodologies and thinking (from lived experiences to quantifiable information). I work in a way that is uniquely designed to be immersive, inclusive and imaginative. Mentoring for me is a practice that is enlightening, transformative and safe.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone or video conference to answer any questions and to see where there may be synergy between my services and your needs. Let’s see what we can do together!


  • Funding applications
  • Professional Development
  • Financial Literacy & Well Being
  • Dramaturgy
  • Networking
  • Articulating concepts verbally and in written form
  • Collaboration and Collective practice
  • Dance and choreography in the museum
  • Archival practices

What motivates my mentoring is the opportunity to reveal potential. The outcomes and impact can be instrumental for stimulating creativity & innovation, for solving problems & generating new ideas, for creating engagement & commitment, and for embracing & managing change.

“We were impressed with her knowledge of the expansive field of contemporary art and how it links to today’s culture and was able to direct that understanding in a way that was relevant to us.

Sara is consistently professional and approachable. She is incredibly personable, supportive and a delight to work with.”

Two-Step / Beth Shapeero & Fraser Taylor collaborative team Glasgow, Scotland

I am based in East England but my work knows no geographical boundaries. I was born and raised in the United States and have lived and worked in multiple countries and continents. I thrive on what these experiences have offered me. I am open to meeting in person or via video conferencing. I offer a 30 minute free consultation to see if there is a synergistic fit with what I offer and how I might meet your needs.

I support individual artists at any stage of their career from studentship experiences to emerging onto the professional scene into mid-career and later years career transitions. My approach is informed both by my professional and personal experiences as a leader in the field. My work within Higher Education and cultural organisations as a lecturer, practitioner, advisor and Trustee underpins my services in supporting artists to navigate the many strands of their professional practice.

I bring the added value working across platforms of advocacy, funding and policymaking and academic, cultural, commercial sectors. I have worked closely with Dancers’ Career Development, Dance East, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, Arts Council England, British Council, Lakeland Arts, Northern School for Contemporary Dance, and Arts & Humanities Research Council as a grantee, advisor and/or Trustee.

Artists & Artist Teams

that I have supported and/or continue to support

Emily Jenkins (Founding Director of Move Dance Feel based in UK/NL)

Emma Zangs (Independent Artist based in Norwich)

Rita Evans (London based visual and performing artist)

Laura Doehler, Exit Map (London based dance artist)

Akshay Sharma (London based dance artist)

Two Step, Beth Shapeero and Fraser Taylor (Glasgow based visual artist team)

Flora Wellesley Wesley (Ipswich & London based dance artist)

“Sara has been instrumental to the development of Exit Map by mentoring and overseeing processes especially those concerning funding. She generously offered time and support that allowed new perspectives, clarity and a wider involvement with other artists and organisations to emerge.”

Laura Doehler, artist and director of Exit Map