“Sara is an excellent communicator, thoughtful, and a careful planner. These qualities inspired a great team atmosphere during the creative process and shines through in the finished work.”

Meredith Greiling, Principle Curator of Technology
National Museums Scotland

As an advisor I engage the enriching intersections of my roles as a creative and researcher and my interest in creating positive lasting legacies. I work with cultural institutions, academia, public sector authorities as well as businesses, nonprofit boards and individuals to help reveal and rewild potential.

When working with organisations I employ unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional methodologies and thinking (from lived experiences to quantifiable information). I work in a way that is uniquely designed to be immersive, inclusive and imaginative. Advising for me is a practice that is enlightening, transformative and safe.

What motivates my advising is the opportunity to reveal potential. The outcomes and impact can be instrumental for stimulating creativity & innovation, for solving problems & generating new ideas, for creating engagement & commitment, and for embracing & managing change.

I am based in East England but my work knows no geographical boundaries. I was born and raised in the United States, am a dual US-UK citizen, and have lived and worked in multiple countries and continents. I thrive on what these experiences have offered me. I am open to meeting in person or via video conferencing. I offer a 30 minute free consultation to see if there is a synergistic fit with what I offer and your needs. Let’s chat!