(Re)Make is a new dance film by Sara Wookey in collaboration with Camilla Robinson. It features four experienced female dance artists exploring ideas of remaking in choreography through movement and dance. Presented by Lakeland Arts to celebrate the opening of Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories, (Re)Make sets out to extend our experience of architecture, dance, film and the museum towards something new again.

Created and filmed in the summer of 2018 during a site-specific residency at the museum this multi-channel film installation captures a moment in time in the buildings and landscapes of Windermere Jetty. Here improvised movements are punctuated by gestures from nostalgic choreography, remaking the iconic fantasy and escapism of a Hollywood musical. The filming process explores the notion of bringing the past into the present by using the latest high definition video and retro VHS cameras.

The viewer is invited to remake the work by the physical and visual experience of viewing the film across the three screens, the act of seeing becoming a choreographic experience in and of itself.


(Re)Make Credits

Artistic Direction                       Sara Wookey

Film Direction & Editing         Camilla Robinson

Production Company               Wookey Works

Production                                  Louisa Borg-Costanzi Potts

Dance Artists                              Henrietta Hale, Lauren Potter, Rahel Vonmoos, Sara Wookey

Costume Design                         Rosie Whiting

Photography                               Roswitha Chesher

Production Assistance             Orlando Robinson

Sound Edit                                 Gareth Young

Recording Studio                      Fonic

Funding                                      Arts Council England