‘Dance is hard to see’, wrote Yvonne Rainer when making her seminal dance Trio A. In this lecture Sara departs from both Rainer’s statement and the work Trio A to raise questions of transmitting dance. ‘Dance is Hard to See’ Capturing and Transmitting Movement through Language, Media and Muscle Memory is a 60-minute lecture-demonstration that explores the underlying and specific verbal language, references and musings that Yvonne Rainer engages when transmitting her dance Trio A (1966) from her body to that of another. It explores a methodology behind dance making and transfer through engaging process as material. Sara will discuss and demonstrate her experiences of working with Yvonne Rainer to both learn and become certified to teach her seminal work. She will also present details about Transmitting Trio A, a two-year research project that is part pedagogical tool, part archive and part 3-D art-work that explores and amplifies the transmission process rendering it a visible, tactile and usable tool for dancers.