Sara Wookey performing ‘Trio A (1966)’ and her signature work ‘Trio A: Unplugged (1966/2013)’ alongside a video of Yvonne Rainer dancing in 1973 at Palazzo Grassi museum in Venice, Italy as part of the Venice Biennale 2018

Works by Yvonne Rainer that I perform

Chair Pillow, 1969

Trio A , 1966

Trio A: Unplugged, 1966/2013*

Trio A Reversed, 1966/2013*

Talking Solo (part of Terrain), 1963

Diagonal (part of Terrain), 1963

*Trio A: Unplugged is a bespoke version of Trio A that I created and that was certified by Rainer in 2013. As part of the performance I speak while dancing the iconic work Trio A, 1966. The text is based on the names of each dance movement in the work used by Yvonne when I learned it from her in 2010.

*Trio A Reversed is a bespoke version of Trio A that I developed with Yvonne in which I perform the dance starting on the left side of the space, reversing the dance as if mirrored. I performed this version alongside Yvonne’s version ‘Trio A Pressured’ at the Hammer Museum in 2013 (see below)

Trio A Pressured: Revisited and Reversed

Sara Wookey performing with Yvonne Rainer ‘Trio A Pressured: Revisited and Reversed’
as part of Dancing with the Art World at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles in 2013

Trio A (1966) & Trio A: Unplugged (1966/2014)

Sara performing ‘Trio A (1966)’ with dancers she taught as part of “Muoviti Muoviti! Everybody. Danza” at the Palazzo Grassi museum in Venice, Italy 2018