My coaching supports agile working and agile transformation which is a specific technique, ways of working and project management. I think of it more in the sense of what are the mindsets, skills and behaviors that allow an individual and/or group of people to be able to quickly pivot, adapt to changing conditions, not planning way ahead but having emergent strategy as a skill, improvising rigorously and in sync, cultivating resilience and interconnectedness.

These are strategies for greater productivity and collaboration. I help to draw out the potential of resilient ways of working in order to support lasting positive legacies of individuals, teams and businesses. I bring my extensive experience as an artist and leader in the cultural sector to this work, as well as particular qualities and skills in the development and support of diverse and cross-functional teams.

With a background in dance and choreography I work and mediate across a broad spectrum of disciplines and organisations. I facilitate and moderate in the fields of urban planning, culture and other interdisciplinary settings as a mentor, systemic coach and design thinker. I engage with embodied practices for new leadership, interdisciplinary research and co-creation. At the core of my profession as a dance artist lies a profound belief in the art of improvisation as the most effective practice for transformative action. During the past 20 years of working in dance I engaged with diverse cultural settings across Europe, United Kingdom, North America and SE Asia and led teams for a multitude of projects and events.


  • Agile working and transformation as a specific technique
  • Ways of working and project management
  • Exploring mindsets, skills and behaviors
  • Supporting pivots, adapt to changing conditions
  • Emergent strategy as a skill
  • Improvising and being in sync
  • Cultivating resilience and interconnectedness.