Sara Wookey is an international choreographer making dances for theaters, museums and public civic spaces. Her work is informed by her training in American Post-Modern Dance, European Dance-Theater and Laban Movement Analysis. Parallel to her creative practice Sara is interested in the value of dance and its legacy. She engages these interests through her curatorial project reDANCE; invited guest artist engagements such as, The Experience & Value of Live Art at Tate Modern , London and through workshops with academic institutions such as ArtEZ, Arnhem; Cal Arts, Los Angeles and Roehampton University, London. Sara is often asked to consult on dance presentation and archive in the museum and on public engagement with cultural institutions and government agencies.

RECENT PRESS Performing Lines, Sydney
NEW SOLO WORK Disappearing Acts & Resurfacing Subjects: Concerns of (a) Dance Artist(s)
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Sara Wookey performing at the VCA Museum, Melbourne 2013